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HRRP Infotech Private Limited (HRRP) is one of the best-known, highly-recognized companies that manufacture a wide range of Plastic Molding Company in India. The company was incorporated in 2017. Moulding is one of HRRP’s primary services. With the combined power of cutting-edge machinery as well as high-end technology.Since all aspects of custom plastic molding are made on the premises, we are accountable for quality every step of the way. HRRP designs plastic molds onsite and we make & maintain our own state-of-the-art molding presses and tooling. We run the components and are able to right away solve any production problems that may arise. HRRP manufacturing is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 registered. It is just one more way we place behind our products & services.

All machines are supplemented by hopper driers, temperature controllers, and hot runners. HRRP believes in applying reliable moulding principles with a professionally knowledgeable crew. The facility is prepared to cater to moulding production 24/7 throughout the year. Our team members are accomplished in their areas of design, mold building, as well as plastic molding; thus, regardless of if you are seeking a task to have complete plastic molding production or your need for a prototype trial, we can meet all your demands.

    • Specialized in manufacturing of high precision injection moulds and production of injection molded parts up to 150T capacity.
    • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
    • Qualified and experienced manpower from reputed institutes .
    • Internationally competitive products with respect tom quality, cost, lead time and reliability.
    • Machines installed in dust free and controlled environment..
    • Capable to work with Automotive, Electrical, Switchgear, Consumer Durables and FMCG segments in India.
    • We are well equipped noiseless Generator that can support 24 hrs uninterrupted power supply with 125 KVA DG set as a Power Backup.

Our Services

Injection Moulding Facility

We provide the best Injection Moulding Facility with a fully skilled and experienced team. As a leading Plastic Moulded Components company in Noida, we assist you in transforming into a more efficient and sustainable business. We equip our machines with an automatic individual material loader to reduce the likelihood of waste production or rework. We use Automated material loader allows companies to be more flexible when manufacturing products and can make changes in the process without having to hire additional workers. We control temperature of the mold by circulating a coolant (water or oil) throughout the mold during the preheating process. We have the elements consistent helps make a part(s) accurate and reliable.


Microprocessor controlled Injection Molding Machines Ferromatic Milacron ranging from 80T to 150T
Capacity with Bimetallic Barrels and Screws to process engineering plastic materials.

Machines for production of high precision parts.


Machines are attached with pre-heaters to eliminate the moisture content for better part quality

AutomaticMaterial Loader

Machines are attached with automatic individual material loader.


Equipped with Mould temperature controllers to maintain mould temperature.


Multipoint hot runner temperature controllers are available to process hot runner moulds

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